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Life in a Pot!

We Humans may be moving and travelling around the world freely but we are just like a plant in the big Pot called Mother Earth.

It nurtures us, feeds us, protects us, shelters us, and saves us but if we don’t take care of it then its nature has its own way of creating balance to let life go smoothly on this biggest Pot of Life.

Our life is as delicate as a plant in the Pot, which knows nothing beyond its own life and can’t move to the other Pot even if there is a space unless the gardener wishes to move it there.

Similarly in our life, until God/Supreme Divine wishes to move us somewhere else, we can’t move a bit.

We can just blossom in our Pot where we belong, we can live happily or sad, we can cherish each moment or keep cribbing about everything in life.

Yes, there will be storms and other natural disasters in our life time-to-time, but until they come to us can we live happily with consciousness?

Remember a gardener never let his plants die in extreme conditions but he also doesn’t keep shifting plants inside the home every day, that’s life, God also protects us whenever needed, especially to those who are near and dear to him.

Everyone is equal to the Divine, but those who have faith in HIM are always protected from any extreme conditions in life.

We should always show gratitude towards nature, God is in everyone, thus, we should respect each and every being and protect their right of living on this big Pot equally.

Nature is such a beautiful gift available to us, we should share this luxury with everyone at each moment in life.

Therefore pray every day, Be thankful for everything, Be kind, and Be grateful.

Doesn’t matter if you will get liberation from this Pot or will keep dying and growing every season, what is important is, how you lived your life before that final breath went away and never came back.

You won’t take this Pot and plant body with you but you will certainly take those memories which you had accumulated during your journey in the Pot, so make sure those are beautiful ones to relive again.

“Liberation is just a moment of Self Realization”

Gaurav Negi – Rehab Yoga Director