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A great Ayurveda course by a great teacher, who is willing to teach everything he knows!!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 30, 2021

It was always a great experience with Rehab Yoga ! I was waiting for this course,and thank you very much Sirji to provide all the knowledge about Ayurveda that I wanted to know.😊I enjoyed this course very much and learned principals of diet according to Ayurved in detail, and cleared all my doubts / confusions about various diets.I Also started implementing those things in day to day life.Experiencing great changes in me and my family.
Thank you very much Sirji for this course.
I respect your work ,and knowledge.
Your teaching with heart and patience inspires me to learn more.

Varsha Deshpande, India

Ayurveda course

Rated 5 out of 5
May 30, 2021

It was a wonderful course that gave me indepth knowledge about the basics and the intricasies of the ayurveda,about my own nature,body type,food and habits suitable for that.It was an honour to learn from Gaurav sir,as it is evident,he practices what he is teaching.And he taught the application and the relevance of ayurveda in everyday life.
Concepts of ayurveda were authentically sourced and presented in a simple manner,so that everyone can learn and grow from it.
Above all,the awareness the course created about oneself from day to day,itself is precious.
Thank you for this great learning experience Gaurav Sir.Truly grateful for this tranformative course.


Ayurveda Course

Rated 5 out of 5
May 29, 2021

“Essentials of Ayurveda” is a beautifully designed course by Gaurav Negi, founder of Rehab Yoga. A 30-hour course covers everything from the history of this ancient food concept “Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam” to the Dhatus and Various Food Tastes. The journey started off at an interesting foot and only kept getting us interested and more engaged as the time passed. We learnt the types of body we have and how to take care of it. Ayurveda is all about BALANCING. But the key is to understand how to attain that. That’s where this course is extremely helpful. It guides us in such a manner that we can ourselves maintain our bodies and guide clients in the same. As always, Gaurav Negi doesn’t believe in Spoon feeding. He makes us a master of the subject so we can judge based on the situation and client needs. He helps us in mastering whatever he teaches, step by step. That is his USB. I had started my journey with Rehab Yoga at the beginning of 2020 and after a year and a half of continuous relationship, I am still impressed with his style of teaching and the learnings he imparts. So, with a heart full of gratitude, the only words that I can say is “Thank You!”

Sunil Dhinwa India

Rehab Yoga Level 2

Rated 5 out of 5
May 29, 2021

Gurav is a truly fantastic course facilitator. From start to finish, his courses are seamless, well organised and flow from topic to topic.
He is generous with his knowledge and empowers each student to become even better versions of themselves as teachers.
The trainings are infused with passion and it is clear that Gurav lives and breathes what he teaches making his trainings authentic.
I completed Level 1 a few years ago in Corfu with Gurav and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to complete level 2 online.His adaptation from live courses to online is further evidence of Gurav’s skills and it was fantastic to learn with people from all over the world.
Level 2 builds on the topics covered in Level 1 and encourages the student to revisit all they have previously learnt too.
I am very much looking forward to working with my private clients and introducing what I have learnt to their practice. The course builds on the fact that no two bodies are the same and explores ways in which this can be supported with props, so that yoga can be accessible for all.
For any serious yoga teacher these courses are an investment that will add so much to your teaching. I have trained with people from all over the world and Gurav is the person I will always return to and recommend time and time again. Looking forward to level 3! Thank you Gurav for everything and it is an honour to be a part of the Rehab Yoga family. 🙏

Jennifer Bose, Corfu

Rehab Level 3 Course

Rated 5 out of 5
May 29, 2021

I have tried lot of things in fitness…. And I have realized that Yoga is the ultimate scientific way of life that aligns Mind, Body and Soul. I will give 100% credit to Gaurav Sir(Master) for increasing my Love Passion for yoga and truly helping me make Yoga as a way of my life.
It seems he has infinite knowledge on Yoga and a very deep level of understanding of human body.
He has an incomparable style of imparting knowledge and teaching his students the basic fundamentals of the subjects under discussion and helping them fall in love with trying out new things and exploring new things.
I have complete Level 3 of Rehab Yoga
Most important thing I have learnt is that everyone has different Biomechanics.
Many people have access to information about postures.
They get inspired by the Videos and pictures from Social media and try different asanas
Without completely being aware of their own body’s limitation.

Most individuals are not aware
a) which of their muscle tissues are tight
b) if they have formed any muscle imbalance over the years which needs to be corrected
c) which of his/her muscles need to be activated while doing exercise especially the advance yoga asanas

Only once a person has a thorough understanding of the limitations he or she can slowly and gradually use different kinds of tools and techniques reach the desired range of motion and
achieve the state of “steeram sukham”

I am fortunate to get the opportunity to doing the rehab level 1 and now level 3 of Teacher training course and will continue
I will give all credit to Gaurav sir for my understanding of Yoga, understanding my own body and helping several of my clients to understand their own selves to achieve their desired goals.

I am excited to spread the ongoing learnings and knowledge to as many individuals throughout the world and most importantly help them implement the knowledge and discover their higher selves.

I truly believe in the Golden word by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker, Volume 5

“Knowledge is a burden if it robs you of innocence.
Knowledge is a burden if it is not integrated into life.
Knowledge is a burden if it doesn’t bring joy.
Knowledge is a burden if it gives you an idea that you are wise.
Knowledge is a burden if it doesn’t set you free.
Knowledge is a burden if it makes you feel you are special.”

Sunil Dhinwa, IND

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