Consolidating your REHAB YOGA foundation and take your skills for fixing muscle imbalance to a whole new level.

In this course, all of the inspirational teachers will be invited for a three day intensive “Movement Assessment & Muscle Imbalance Correction course” that will broaden and deepen their confidence, knowledge and skills. All the techniques which you have learned in the first and second course will be going to combine with the third course as we will take everything to the next level and will register your name on rehab yoga website, as a Rehab Yoga Master Teacher.

There will be proper guidance and training on how to Master the use of self-myofascial release, trigger point release, PNF stretching, Joints dysfunctions, Muscle imbalance correction and Movement dysfunction Assessments for the highly effective management of your client’s muscle imbalance for injury prevention during Yoga Asanas.

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What you will get

  • Core and practical knowledge by Yoga Movement Specialist.
  • You will get the Manual of all techniques included (colour certificate, and your name and picture registered with all our Master Rehab Yoga Teachers on our website).
  • Will be provided with some most useful and effective material that is being used worldwide.
  • There will be Yoga Alliance contact hours (24hours).

Your journey began with Rehab Yoga Posture & Alignment and Posture & Props: gaps in your knowledge were filled, the REHAB YOGA protocol was introduced, and your tool-box of skills was massively expanded to be effective with client’s poor movements, Alignments and Props work.

We will definitely ensure that there will be one-on-one theory and practical learning so that any sort of injury or damage can be prevented simultaneously people can take advantage of all the biomechanics basics and skills that will surpass most of your colleagues!

Also, we will ensure that all our teachers -that is the Rehab Yoga Teachers, be very specialized and as efficient as possible in the Yoga studio and training context without becoming an actual Physiotherapist themselves.

So, Once you will be done with the course, you will be given the right to call yourself a “Master Rehab Yoga Teacher”.


  • Theoretical as well as practical knowledge and tutorial sessions to prevent all sort of injury, pain reduction.
  • Boosts your confidence and helps you to get rid of your all limitations that are holding you back from going difficult asanas
  •  Correct process of using the foam rolling, PNF stretching, Activation drills for whole body dysfunctions and correction.
  •  Guidance on how to correct muscle imbalance to optimize Yoga Asanas of all categories.
  •  Avoid and fix Asanas-related injuries


  • How to use the previous rehab yoga courses with combining the third one by getting the optimum knowledge.
  • The value of testing for Muscle Tightness and seeing how that will aid your reduction of pain and prevention of injury and better movement function.
  • The power of neuro-muscular facilitation by special stretching and myfascial release techniques followed by Muscle imbalance correction and activation.
  • Knowing the new range of inhibited movement in all categories.
  • One on one attention from your Rehab Yoga Educator, in a maximum class size of 14 like-minded people.


  • Contact hours from Yoga Alliance (24 hours)
  • Good quality course manual with photos and pictures to help you remember what you’ve learnt.

  Pre-course reading which helps you to prepare.

  • Accreditation as a “Master Rehab Yoga Teacher” with a laminated high-quality certificate.
  • Forever access to Club Rehab Yoga for Videos and Articles.

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