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Step by step learning to do all the Yoga Asana/Postures using different techniques for 3 days (Bolsters, Blocks, Chairs, Blankets & Straps) to deepen the alignment and to get into Yoga Asana safely to prevent injuries and gain confidence.



Who is this course for?

After getting deep knowledge of the first level i.e ( yoga posture and alignment specialist), the next level or the secondary process is teaching you about advanced yoga alignment using props tools and techniques.

The course is very helpful in knowing the correct posture by using all the props.

• Step by step learning to do all the Yoga Asana/Postures using different techniques for 3 days (Bolsters, Blocks, Chairs, Blankets & Straps) to deepen the alignment and to get into Yoga Asana safely to prevent injuries and gain confidence.

• Yoga Alliance 24 contact hours.

• Guidance to do all Yoga Asanas effectively with correct Prop work including all categories.

• Learn correct Alignment work using all the Props to get the right posture during Yoga Asana. Proper client redressal system, manage and prevent injuries, build client loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

One of the main reason injuries are happening while doing Yoga asanas is, because of the wrong biomechanics and incorrect postures. Rehab yoga is changing the perspective of yoga in the yoga industry in a unique way.

So, the main focus of rehab yoga is to create a new breed of yoga professionals who are able to assess, correct, and align to prevent injuries during their yoga training of clients.

After completing this course, Yoga Professionals will function according to the posture and Props alignment model as a safe and effective method to achieve that goal. The focus of this model is not to diagnose any injury, but rather to guide people about right alignment and safe range of motion with the use of fundamental & advanced alignment tools like (posture adjustment, yoga block, yoga strap, Bolsters, Chairs and Ropes while doing any yoga asana/posture,). So, above all its very a unique and clinical method which is different from physiotherapy, therefore preventing the concern that professional boundaries are being crossed.

Let’s be clear: you are NOT going to become a Physio by doing REHAB YOGA Courses – instead you are becoming a new breed of Yoga professional – specialized and extremely effective.

The three-day REHAB YOGA – Posture & Props course is the next level of your Rehab Yoga skillset. (It is also a pre-requisite for the Rehab Yoga – Movement Assessment & Muscle Imbalance Correction Course.)

What will you learn?

Recap of Posture & Alignment course like

  • Various number of Yoga Posture and Asanas using all the props ( Yoga block, yoga strap, Bolsters, Chairs and Blankets)
  • Various reasons to do Asanas, including spiritual and physical connection
  • Deep knowledge of Asanas using props.
  •  Guidance on all Yoga Asanas including all categories props.
  • How to get the right posture during Yoga Asana using props.
  • The fundamental process of Posture deviation.
  • Basic knowledge of Joints and their limitation.
  • How Joint mechanics work and their functions in different planes.
  • Ways to keep joints healthy – Joint rolling and mobility exercises.
  • Effectively Use of joints in proper form to prevent injury like elbow for flexion and extension only
  • Kinetic Chain Movement
  • Joint stability and mobility from Head to toe

What will you get?

– Extensive quality course manual in a hard-wearing binder for future reference
– Hands-on lectures and Yoga-based workshops for 3 days.
– Digital images for self-promotion as an  ACCREDITED REHAB YOGA – Posture & Props Specialist
– End-of-course assessment and results.
– Yoga Alliance Affiliated certificate with 24 contact hours.

One can email anytime and can clear their all queries with client Alignment and postural questions to Rehab Yoga. Easy Access to an exclusive video library for Rehab Yoga with Yoga articles written by strength, conditioning coaches and biomechanics specialists.

what will you experience?

A new way to get into postures using all Props +

Importance of Props for Muscle tension and Joint compression during movement +

New ways to treat misalignment using all Props during holding postures +

A Restorative Class at the end of Day 3.

What Other Students are saying

Gaurav is a truly fantastic course facilitator. From start to finish, his courses are seamless, well organised and flow from topic to topic. He is generous with his knowledge and empowers each student to become even better versions of themselves as teachers. The trainings are infused with passion and it is clear that Gurav lives and breathes what he teaches making his trainings authentic. I completed Level 1 a few years ago in Corfu with Gurav and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to complete level 2 online.His adaptation from live courses to online is further evidence of Gurav’s skills and it was fantastic to learn with people from all over the world. Level 2 builds on the topics covered in Level 1 and encourages the student to revisit all they have previously learnt too. I am very much looking forward to working with my private clients and introducing what I have learnt to their practice. The course builds on the fact that no two bodies are the same and explores ways in which this can be supported with props, so that yoga can be accessible for all. For any serious yoga teacher these courses are an investment that will add so much to your teaching. I have trained with people from all over the world and Gurav is the person I will always return to and recommend time and time again. Looking forward to level 3! Thank you Gurav for everything and it is an honour to be a part of the Rehab Yoga family.
Jennifer Bose, Corfu
Yoga Teacher

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