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"Yoga is a Balance state of Body & Mind"

Are you a Yoga Teacher or a Practitioner?

Start your career with Rehab Yoga and be a part of the leading Yoga School in the world with the Right Knowledge which Liberates.

WHY Rehab Yoga?

Many of us are scared to do different exercises or yoga asanas; out of fear of injuries or muscle pain. So, REHAB YOGA focuses on reducing & avoiding pain and injuries to the client during Yoga practices. The most fundamental goal of rehab yoga is to increase the quality of life & confidence and motivate practitioners to achieve their desired Yoga & Fitness dreams.

To minimize the level of injuries and pain, simultaneously guide them to the correct postures of doing yoga.

To evaluate the movement pathomechanics, regular check on the correct positioning, proper techniques, and correct biomechanics of the asanas, especially for new clients.

To teach safe stretching and strengthening techniques for each body part & postures are modified and adjusted as per individual.

These procedures are not only incredibly effective but also, reinforce to the person that you know what you are doing and can be trusted.

To improve the muscle control and stability of joints for better movement in daily life.

Packed With Intensive Knowledge

Featured Courses

  • Yoga Anatomy, Physiology along with this application to Yoga practice for all body systems and their related ailments.
  • A holistic view of how daily routine can have an important impact on our mind & body health & how to keep them healthy.
  • Practical daily routine for various illnesses from breathing techniques, physical postures, yoga diet, lifestyle management for various diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, hyperextension, thyroid etc.
Course Delivery: Offline
Level: All

“Don’t let pain and injury stop you from Practising”

The most fundamental goal of rehab yoga is to increase awareness of posture injuries and build confidence and motivates practitioners so that they can achieve their desired Yoga Asana dreams safely and effectively.

  • Learn Yoga for Injury & Pain Management
  • Anyone suffering from Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain
  • Movement enthusiasts to prevent and cure their regular aches & pains
  • Learn Muscle Imbalance Correction Techniques
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

“The Indian System Of Medicine To Balance & Heal Naturally”

Many of us despite following the healthiest diet possible end up getting unnecessary health issues on daily basis.

  • Properties of different food materials
  • Prakriti & its Gunas (Qualities, Characters & general identifying factors)
  • Healthy diet pattern to prevent Lifestyle disorders
  • Total Transformation of Body & Mind
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”

  • Learn Preparatory Asanas with safe & effective cueing for Arm Balancing & Inversions
  • Practice Arm Balancing flow every day with gradual progression
  • Learn all Arm Balancing Asanas with modifications to overcome limitations
  • Learn safe and corrective alignment for all the Arm Balancing Asanas to prevent injuries
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

Ashtanga Vinyasa “As It Is” in Rehab Yoga Style

  • Keeping the Traditional Teaching Intact in Rehab Yoga Style for Holistic Health Benefits for Modern Yogis.
  • Learn Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series Postures with the right techniques and modifications.
  • All Yoga Postures with their purpose, basic knowledge and Connection of Spirituality, Physical body & Breath.
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All
  • Learn Subtle Kriya’s & Asanas practices to be performed before Pranayama
  • Pranayama to enhance the Physical, Physiological, Psychological & Spiritual state of being
  • Various Mudra and their role and benefits during Pranayama
  • Various Bandhas and their role and benefits during Pranayama
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All
  • Yoga Asana classes include all types of formats; Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Restorative, Chair, Yoga Nidra and so on.
  • Alignment techniques within the cueing itself to make it effective.
  • Learn holistic sequencing to give overall benefits to clients in each class.
  • Learn different styles of class & program designing for Yoga classes.
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

The spirit of the Yoga Alliance Standards is to include a school in the RYS® (Registered Yoga School) Directory only when its YTT (Yoga Teacher Training):

  • Has a definite, pre-defined curriculum that meets the Yoga Alliance Standards.
  • Is taught by yoga teacher trainers who are qualified to train teachers.
  • Offers a consistent approach that is conducive to depth, rather than a survey of different approaches.
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

NOW once a year we offer highly motivated Rehab Yoga Teachers a 10-day intensive course that aims to broaden and deepen their skills. All that you learned in previous Rehab Yoga courses will be cemented in as we take everything to the next level!

  • Postural Deviation correction and Body reading
  • Meridian line concept for postural deviation and muscle imbalance correction
  • Advanced Stretchings like PNF and release techniques
  • Myofascial and Trigger Point Release techniques
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

Step by step learning to do all the Yoga Asana/Postures using different techniques for 3 days (Bolsters, Blocks, Chairs, Blankets & Straps) to deepen the alignment and to get into Yoga Asana safely to prevent injuries and gain confidence.



Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

A Step Towards Corrective Movements and Posture Alignment.

  • 3 days of powerful hands-on learning to do all the Yoga Asanas. These asanas/postures will help to prevent injuries and gain confidence.
  • There will be Yoga Alliance Certificate with 24 contact hours.
  • Guidance on all Yoga Asanas effectively with right alignment and posture including all categories.
Course Delivery: Offline, Online, Self Paced
Level: All

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Holistic Yoga Approach

"This transformational training will take your yoga journey to the next level."

Rehab Yoga


The Body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from Stillness. Touch the zenith with Rehab Yoga. Our mind is like Water when it’s turbulent it is difficult to see, but when it’s calm everything becomes clear.

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Mona Mistry

Pune, India

Mona Mistry is a Graduate of Psychology & Human Development. She is also a diploma holder in Clinical & Health Nutrition science.

Gaurav Negi

New Delhi, India

Gaurav has done a Master’s in Yoga and currently sharing his expertise in Yoga Anatomy, Alignment and Biomechanics to prevent Musculoskeletal pains and injuries.

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