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Rehab Yoga #Course Details:

Course Key Points:

Joint Compression, Muscle Tension & Muscle Control, Injury Prevention, Joints Health, Strength and Flexibility



What Extra will you get?

  • 3 days of powerful hands-on learning to do all the Yoga these asanas/postures will help to prevent injuries and gain confidence.
  • 24 Yoga Alliance contact hours.
  • Guidance on all Yoga Asanas effectively with right alignment and posture including all categories
  • Guidance on Alignment work to get right posture during Yoga Asana.
  • Guidance how to gain strength, flexibility and confidence using Yoga Asanas.
  • Guidance on how to Build client trust, loyalty and manages to reduce the stress levels and other injuries & pains.
  • Rehab Yoga Manual
  • Coloured Laminated Certificate
Who Should Attend:-

All Yoga & Fitness practitioners and Yoga & Fitness teachers 

What will you Gain:
– A total new experience of doing Yoga Postures
– Awareness of Joint compression, Muscle tension & Muscle control in Yoga Postures
– Correct Alignment for all Yoga Postures
– Injury prevention techniques
– Confidence to teach all Yoga postures effectively
– 24 Contact Hours – Yoga Alliance

– Rehab Yoga Manual 
– Coloured Laminated Certificate

One of the basic reason injuries are happening in yoga studios is because of the wrong biomechanics and movement pattern. Rehab Yoga is driving a crisp stream of instruction for the yoga industry. It is creating a new breed of Yoga Professional who is able to more effectively assess, correct, align to prevent injuries during their yoga training of clients.

Once the Rehab Yoga  Posture & Alignment Specialist course get over, Yoga Professionals will function according to the posture and alignment model as a safe and effective method to achieve that goal.

Our amazing model focuses on guiding people more about the right alignment of the asanas with the use of basic alignment tools like posture adjustment, yoga block and yoga strap rather than correcting or diagnose any injuries.

There are some points which need to be lighted. You are not going to become a Physio by doing REHAB YOGA – instead, you are becoming a new breed of Yoga professional – specialised and extremely effective.